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Friday, 21 October 2016

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IDRA Technical Assistance Print E-mail

On an annual basis, IDRA provides on-site training and technical assistance to thousands of teachers and students across the country and to more than 1,600 school districts and other groups. With an unwavering commitment to student success, our services provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for the schools that need them most. IDRA’s professional development services reflect a thorough knowledge of curriculum and assessment standards, national standards such as the NCTM math, the TESOL ESL, and the ISTE technology standards.

We’re here to help! IDRA’s professional staff members are:
Skilled – trainers that design and implement top notch workshops with proven results
Prepared  hold graduate and doctoral degrees in reading, math, bilingual education and educational administration
Bilingual – fluent and literate in English and Spanish
Experienced – teachers and administrators with years of bilingual and ESL classroom and administrative experience


“I feel that I have gained so much more knowledge, skills and new strategies for teaching from people who have been in the classroom and taught for 15-plus years. In all my years of teaching...I can’t think of a time when pre-service training or any other training met the expectations this project has made.”
– Teacher, Central Texas , 2007

IDRA delivers services on site and online. Based on the unique needs of your district, campus or classroom, our staff integrates multimedia technologies and web resources and activities in on-site technical assistance, workshops, and coaching and mentoring activities. IDRA staff demonstrates and teaches educators technology integration models in the planning, communication and delivery of education. In addition to online resources, IDRA workshops include CDs and DVDs with static and dynamic files that include documents, multimedia applications, video and audio. Tailored to meet the needs of each school, IDRA also can support the design and production of multimedia applications and technology-infused learning models.

IDRA is committed to a valuing philosophy: we respect the knowledge and skills of the teachers we work with, model continually how educators can identify assets and build on the strengths of the students and parents in their schools.

See IDRA’s complete Catalog of Services in PDF or select to a particular section online below.

See IDRA’s latest annual report, The Power of Possibility: How IDRA and its Partners are Changing Public Education (or view the pdf)

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