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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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ESL and Bilingual Services

Language Acquisition in Diverse Classrooms

Focusing on Language and Academic Instructional Renewal (FLAIR)
Increase cognitive growth and academic achievement in reading for all students, including linguistically diverse students, through an intensive language-across-the-curriculum program. This professional development model helps teachers transform every classroom into a powerful learning environment, where students and teachers are encouraged to think creatively and achieve at high levels. FLAIR

  • Adapts itself to the reading materials already on the campus while encouraging teachers to explore the rich diversity of children’s literature available to them
  • Values students and teachers and encourages them to think for themselves as they teach and learn
  • Models instructional approaches through training and technical assistance that stress all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) 

Engagement-based Sheltered Instruction (EBSI)
Are your English language learners meeting state standards? EBSI provides a rich model of student engagement as a key to academic success. EBSI offers comprehensive learning opportunities for educators, families and community-based organizations that build upon each partner’s strengths, while developing new strategies to increase student success. EBSI will help you:

  • Understand students’ language proficiency levels and the language demands of content areas, texts and tests
  • Develop student academic language in content areas
  • Plan, teach and observe for maximum cognitive engagement
  • Integrate technology as a tool for student engagement

Success Using Bilingual Education! (¡SUBE!)

“Having witnessed my teachers go from active listeners, to the movers and shakers of what they learn, has been such a gift. It is a privilege to have such a wonderful partnership with IDRA!”
— Elementary School Principal, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, 2006-07


IDRA supports all phases of effective bilingual education, from planning through implementation, community engagement and sustainability for student success through training of mentors and coaches. ¡SUBE! combines state-of-the-art technology, hands-on and face-to-face training to help you:

  • Align bilingual strategies to meet state and federal requirements in content areas
  • Address the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of students
  • Plan, structure and assess effective bilingual programs on an ongoing basis
  • Strengthen parent engagement for student success

Let IDRA demonstrate ways of using our Semillitas de aprendizaje materials in your early childhood classrooms. Semillitas de aprendizaje is a unique bilingual (Spanish/English) set of early childhood materials by IDRA that is based on the art of storytelling. Each story of the theme-based curriculum encourages the richness of language and print. It is designed to help early childhood teachers and parents encourage communication and language exploration through literature discussions in both Spanish and English.

To learn more, listen to podcasts on “Fostering Student Engagement with English Language Learners;” “Good Schools for Children Learning English;” Bilingual Stories for Young Learnersand “A Model for Successful Reading Instruction.”

See IDRA’s complete Catalog of Services in PDF

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