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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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Featured Products and Resources

See a full list of IDRA products, including many free publications and publications available in English and Spanish.

A Community Action Guide – Seven Actions to Fulfill the Promise of Brown and Mendez
Also available free online in PDF
(No ISBN; Paperback, 28 Pages; 2005) $12.50

Achieve College  ~ ¡Hacia Adelante! ~ A Guide for College Access / Achieve College ~ Hacia Adelante! ~ Una Guía para Estudiantes, Familias y Educadores
(ISBN: 1-878550-72-1 and 1-878550-71-3; 48 Pages plus CD; 2011) $10.00

Community Engagement Series for Educators
(No ISBN; 4 Pages per Issue; 7 Issues; 2010) $15.00 per set

Continuities – Lessons for the Future of Education from the IDRA Coca­-Cola Valued Youth Program
Also available online
(No ISBN; 28 Pages; paperback; 2009) Free

Courage to Connect – A Quality Schools Action Framework
(ISBN 978-1-935737-35-3; 272 Pages; Paperback; 2010; $15.00)

Creating Centers of Learning – Home and School
(No ISBN; 28 Pages; English/Spanish; 2004) $10.00

Creating Your Education Blueprint for Action – Mendez and Brown Community Dialogues – A Launch Kit
Also available free online

(ISBN:  978-1-935737-36-0; Paperback, 20 Pages, plus CD and DVD; 2010; $25)

Good Schools and Classrooms for Children Learning English: A Guide
(ISBN: 1-878550-69-1; 64 Pages; 2002) $15.00

Helping Your Child Discover Science
(No ISBN; 8 Pages; 2010) $30.00 per set of 25

InterAction: Higher Education and Latinos in the New Millennium
(No ISBN; 48 Pages plus CD; 2005) $18.00

Minority Women in Science: Forging the Way
Student Workbook (ISBN 1-878550-67-5; Paperback; 32 Pages; 2000) $6.50
Teacher’s Guide (ISBN 1-878550-68-3; Paperback; 94 Pages) $25.00

The Ohtli Encuentro – Women of Color Share Pathways to Leadership
(ISBN# 0-9740243-8-4; 112 Pages; Boerne, Texas: Sor Juana Press, 2005) $15.00

Semillitas de Aprendizaje Classroom Set
(10 Big Books, 20 Cartitas [letters home with family activities; 10 English, 10 Spanish], 15 Math Books, Teacher Guide [with scope and sequence poster]; 2011) $444

Semillitas de Aprendizaje Big Books
(Set of 10 books; 2010) $75.00

Cartitas Series – Letters Home with Family Activities (Semillitas de Aprendizaje) available soon
(Classroom set of 25 letters in English or Spanish for one of 10 units; 2011) $20.00

Semillitas de Aprendizaje Math Books available soon
(Classroom set of 15 small books; Spanish/English; 2011) $100.00

Semillitas de Aprendizaje Teacher Guide available soon
(Guide for 10 units with scope and sequence poster; 2011) $150.00

What Every Teacher Should Know About Migrant Students
(Interactive CD and guide)
(No ISBN; CD and brochure, 16 Pages; 2006) $10.00

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