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Thursday, 27 October 2016

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The South Central Collaborative for Equity helps schools become more racially equitable, ensure equal opportunity for academic achievement, provide fair discipline, decrease conflict, and engage parents and community members.

Resources on Educational Equity and Race 

Race equity and desegregation terminology

Articles from the IDRA Newsletter

IDRA related publications

Other featured publications and web sites

Classnotes Podcast on Educational Equity and Race
A Civil Rights Look at the Common Core – December 11, 2012 
Sixth Generation of Civil Rights and Educational Equity – September 21, 2012
Advancing American Indian Education – February 13, 2012
Diversity in Education – October 31, 2011
A Discussion about Diversity Training – May 31, 2011
The Civil Rights Issue of Our Generation – April 29, 2011
Reflections on Bilingual Education Today and Beyond – January 29, 2010
Latino and African-American Communities Leading School Reform – January 20, 2010
Helping Schools Address Issues of Race – August 25, 2009

Busting Myths About Children of Poverty – March 12, 2009
The Civil Rights Impact of Response to Intervention – February 27, 2009
Six Goals of Educational Equity – February 29, 2008
The Watch on Racism Cannot Stop – October 26, 2007
U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Race – August 15, 2007
The Need for Cross-Race, Cross-Sector Dialogues – January 24, 2007
Racial and Sexual Harassment – A School’s Legal Obligations – September 20, 2006


Other Publications on Race Equity
IDRA Publications on Race and Equity
IDRA Newsletter Articles on Race Equity
Race Equity and Desegregation Terminology

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