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Fair Funding Now!

In the spring of 2011…
Texas lawmakers cut $6.4 billion for public education.
They left the rainy day fund untapped.
And given the chance to end funding disparities, they walked away – pushing millions of Texas children aside.

That summer…
12,000 teachers got pink slips.

In the fall of 2011…
our children went to school with more crowded classrooms.
Qualified college students lost scholarship funds.

It’ll be worse this year.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Communities across the state are taking action to make sure that schools are equipped to guarantee that all children graduate ready for college and career. Fair Funding Now! is an initiative of IDRA to help. On this website, we will share resources and stories stemming from the initiative.

See the latest news about the Texas school finance trial. See the slides from Dr. Albert Cortez’s testimony on December 3, 2012, in the school finance trial.


Share your story…

How are cuts & inequities affecting your school and community?

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Get an overview

Fund Texas Schools Now! PowerPoint Presentation Watch the video and share it with others. English version: (pdf) (Powerpoint) (movie) Spanish version: (pdf) (Powerpoint) (movie) What is Just? Education, Excellence & Equity Difficult Dialogues IDRA Presentation at The Humanities Institute, UT-Austin...

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Google Maps of Funding Cuts in Texas

County Map Here is a map of the school funding cuts by Texas county (2011 to 2013). School District Map Here is a map of funding cuts to Texas school districts (2011 to 2013).   How are funding cuts affecting your school? Your...

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Handouts and Tools for Action

Here are three things you can do right away! 1. Build Knowledge-Power: Share data on funding cuts, widely Details about the school funding cuts has not reached many families and communities across the state. You can help by putting concrete...

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