The Views of Mexican Normalista and US Bilingual Education Teachers: An Exploratory Study of Perceptions, Beliefs and Attitudes



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This monograph reports on conversations held with the normalista teachers involved in Project Alianza before they completed their studies and became credentialed in the United States. The authors sought the teachers? views about the teaching profession, the preparation of teachers and the role of teachers in the community. The report shows great congruence between these teachers and their US reared counterparts involved in bilingual education programs. Nonetheless, some differences exist and these may become more than marked once the teachers enter US classrooms and begin to practice the profession they interrupted, often for many years, as they sought a social and economic footing in this country.

This publication was prepared by the Center for Bilingual Education and Research, College of Education, Arizona State University as a resource for Project Alianza – a consortium of organizations and universities working to improve preparation programs for bilingual education teachers. Project Alianza is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through a collaboration of Intercultural Development Research Association and the Mexican and American Solidarity Foundation.

(IDRA and Arizona State University; No ISBN; Paperback; 82 Pages; 2000; $23.00)