IDRA Impact Reports

IDRA Tools, Research and Publications Featured in IDRA’s 2017 Annual Report

These materials from 2017 are featured in IDRA’s Annual Report: Keeping the Promise – Profiles in Leadership and Education.

Study of Annual Dropout and Longitudinal Graduation Rates in Texas Charter Schools

Along with the attrition study, this year IDRA analyzed data for charter schools in the state finding that the Class of 2016 saw graduation rates of 62 percent in charter schools compared to 90 percent in traditional public schools.

IDRA EAC-South Literature Review Sets

Diversifying the Field – Barriers to Recruiting and Retaining Teachers of Color and How to Overcome Them

Grow Your Own Educator Programs – A Review of the Literature with an Emphasis on Equity-based Approaches

Other Infographics

Texas Public School Attrition study 2016-17

Charter School Study – Pomp and Poor Circumstances

Timeline for the Class of 2017

Texas Divestment in Public Education

5 Steps on How to Start an Education CAFE

5 Reasons Research Shows Teacher Leave


Booklet: IDRA Education CAFE Start-Up Packet (two versions: English, Spanish) – available upon request

Map Tool: Student-Teacher Demographic Diversity Gap

Online Tool: Students in All Senatorial Districts Benefit Greatly from the Top Ten Percent Plan

Online Tool: IDRA Penny Power Tool

Online Tool: Trend graphs: See attrition rates and numbers over the last eight years

Factsheet: Texas School Finance – What to do about “Recapture”

List: Resources on Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying in Schools

List: Sources of Education Data

Tool: Asking Questions of Student Data

Tool: Four Stages of Writing

Booklet of the 2017 Winning Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Essays

Video: Unfair Funding – A Brief Tale (student creation)

Tool: How to Comment on the Texas ESSA Plan

List: Resources on Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying in Schools

IDRA Classnotes Podcast

A Principal on Leadership for a Turnaround School – Part 2 – Podcast Episode 169

How Inclusive Education Shapes Teaching in Diverse Classrooms – Podcast Episode 170

Taking Project Based Learning Schoolwide – Podcast Episode 171

Using Socioeconomic Status for School Integration – Podcast Episode 172

Skills Needed for Teaching in Diverse Classrooms – Podcast Episode 173

Authentic Family Engagement through Education CAFEs – Podcast Episode 174

5 Strategies for College Readiness in Diverse Schools – Podcast Episode 175

Supporting LGBTQ Students Faced with Harassment – Podcast Episode 176

Capacity Building Among School Leadership – Podcast Episode 177