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A Comprehensive Equity Approach to Addressing COVID-19’s Impact on Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many of the issues that have impacted students and families for generations, including access to well-funded educational programs, digital devices and connectivity, and affordable housing and healthcare. 

Responding to the impact of COVID-19 on schools requires taking a critical look at many systemic inequities and listening to the communities most impacted by the pandemic.   


Learn more about IDRA’s comprehensive approach to COVID-19’s impact on schools. See our Policy Primer: Ensuring Education Equity During and After COVID-19, IDRA’s living document listing policies to preserve and promote educational equity. See the guide in Spanish, Garantizar la equidad educativa durante y después de COVID-19.

Video Spotlight on the Rules for Reopening Texas Schools

IDRA is releasing policy updates for schools regarding COVID-19 each Friday in our Learning Goes On eNews (sign up free). See a log of the updates here in English and in Spanish.

Cutting Public School Relief Funds to Subsidize Private Schools – An Analysis of How the Department of Education’s Equitable Services Rule Will Harm Texas Students and School Districts, IDRA Issue Brief • July 16, 2020

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