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Emergent Bilingual Terminology

The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2066 in 2021, a significant advancement in bilingual education.

Texas will replace the terms “English learner” and “limited English proficient” for students who speak a home language other than English.

Texas now uses the asset-based term “emergent bilingual.” The change in the Texas Education Code was effective September 1, 2021.

Schools are welcome to make the transition, too

emergent bilingual infographicInfographic: Celebrating Emergent Bilingual Students

Article: Words Matter – The Case for Shifting to “Emergent Bilingual,” by Araceli García, IDRA Newsletter, February 2021.

Testimony: SB 2066 Makes a Simple Change for a Big Impact to Emergent Bilingual Students – IDRA Testimony for SB 2066, Presented by Araceli García to the Senate Education Committee, April 15, 2021 – See video