Education Policy

Know the Issue

Quality education is a foundation of American ideals. Knowing the issue is a key place to start.

Why Fair Funding – Quickly find out where we’ve been and where we are now

Equity vs. Adequacy – Why “adequate” schools set the bar too low

Quick Background – Why fair funding depends on our state, how your schools are funded; how your property taxes are calculated; and how the current system promotes equity – includes animated presentations

Fair Funding Now! – IDRA’s initiative to make sure that schools are equipped to guarantee that all children graduate ready for college and career. Share your story and get tools, handouts, news and more.

Texas Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition vs. Michael Williams, et al., Court Case – See an overview and timeline of the largest school finance case in the state’s history.

Texas Divestment in Public Education – See IDRA’s infographic showing how the State of Texas has reduced its share of public education spending.