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School Policing Resources

Students deserve to attend public schools free from fear of police brutality. Educators best ensure students’ safety not through police and surveillance but by building trusting relationships, engaging academic curriculum and providing resources that support the totality of students’ humanity by addressing their physical, mental and economic needs.

IDRA offers the resources below to assist school districts that choose to invest in strategies that create safe and supportive schools for all students and move away from school policing and other harmful approaches.

Materials Package to Support School Boards and District Administrations to End Contracts with Police Departments and/or Law Enforcement Personnel

Resolution template to end district contract(s) with police and law enforcement (either external entities or internal departments), divest from harmful security strategies and invest in the people and approaches that create safe schools.

Explanatory letter to school district leaders on the importance of school districts ending current contracts and refusing to establish future contracts with police and law enforcement.

Information on training and workshops by the IDRA EAC-South to support equity efforts in districts through model district policies, community engagement and educational practices

  • Restorative Practices Campus Team Training and Coaching
  • Implicit Bias
  • Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Pedagogy
  • Mexican American Studies and African American Studies Professional Development

IDRA Articles and Statements RE: Policing in Schools and School Safety

Minneapolis School Board Unanimously Votes to Terminate Contract with Police Department, June 3, 2020

Minneapolis School Board Resolution Would End Contract with Police Department – IDRA Statement, June 1, 2020

 Four Texas organizations — Texas Appleseed, IDRA, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition & Texans Care for Children — sent a letter to Gov. Abbott urging him to address the needs of incarcerated and detained youth during the coronavirus pandemic, March 19, 2020

Testimony on Texas Senate Bill 11 Interim Monitoring and Implementation Regarding Threat Assessments, School Safety and Discipline, Testimony of IDRA Presented on March 18, 2020

At What Cost? A Review of School Police Funding and Accountability Across the U.S. South, by Terrence Wilson, J.D., IDRA Newsletter, February 2020

Discipline Strategies to Combat Faulty Assumptions that Target Black Male Youth, by Daryl V. Williams, Ed.D., IDRA Newsletter, October 2019

Supporting Students in the Wake of Violence – Livestream event video recording. School leaders from four communities affected by recent mass shootings and ICE raids to speak, Sept 18, 2019

School Safety Measures Shouldn’t Harm Students. IDRA submitted the following letter to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs prior to the committee’s hearing, “Examining State and Federal Recommendations for Enhancing School Safety Against Targeted Violence” held on July 25, 2019.

Use Effective Discipline, Not Zero Tolerance – IDRA Testimony Against SB2432. Testimony of IDRA presented for the House Education Committee against SB 2432 allowing mandatory removal of a public school student from the classroom following certain conduct. Morgan Craven, J.D., National Director of Policy, April 30, 2019

Clearly Define the Role of Law Enforcement in Schools IDRA Testimony on SB1707 – Officers Should Not Be Called on to Handle School Disciplinary Matters. Testimony of IDRA presented for the Senate Education Committee on SB1707 relating to the duties of school district peace officers, school resource officers and security personnel, Morgan Craven, J.D., National Director of Policy, March 26, 2019

Legislative Solutions for Safe Schools Must Include School-Based Strategies that Help Educators and Support Students, February 20, 2019

Partnerships, Not Push Outs – Collaboration is Critical to Dealing with Disparities, by Paula Johnson, M.A., IDRA Newsletter, October 2017

School Policies and Practices Impact High School Attrition Rates in Bexar County. Web Story Released December 23, 2016, with the IDRA Attrition Study, August 2, 2017

Zero Tolerance Policies in Texas Push Black Students and Hispanic Students Away from School – Web Story Released December 2016 with the IDRA Attrition Study, December 1, 2016

Ensuring Equity and Nondiscrimination in Student Discipline Policy and Practice, David Hinojosa, J.D., IDRA Newsletter, February 2016