Equity Assistance Center

Receive Focused Educational Assistance

The IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity provides focused educational assistance to a limited number of local education agencies who request it. The roles and responsibilities of both the school district and the center are clearly defined to achieve desired results. Assistance activities involve determining the problem, specifying goals, drafting a plan of action, implementing the plan and assessing the results. Specifically such activities include:

  • Appropriate diagnosis and placement of students for instruction.
  • Strategies and procedures to increase the involvement of minority parents.
  • Assessment and revision of desegregation efforts.
  • Closing the achievement gap between minority and majority students.
  • Equity and school reform and restructuring.
  • Sexual harassment discrimination and the law in public schools.
  • Addressing racial hostility and racial harassment.
  • Staff development planning to address better the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse children.
  • Development of lessons to ensure a non-racist, non-sexist multicultural curriculum.
  • Development of curriculum guides for limited-English-proficient and English as a second language (ESL) students.
  • Equity monitoring for campus and school improvement.
  • Prejudice reduction in a desegregated setting.
  • Non-sexist guidance and counseling.

For more information on the South Central Collaborative for Equity contact Bradley Scott, Ph.D., at bradley.scott@idra.org or 210-444-1710.