Equity Assistance Center

Sex Equity and Desegregation Assistance

The Title IX Education Amendments of 1972 prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.

The IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity helps school districts design sex equity programs to prevent sexual harassment, assist students who are pregnant, and ensure equal access to math, science and technology. Specifically, the center can help your local education agency to

  • Recognize specific forms of gender discrimination.
  • Develop districtwide needs assessments in the area of sex equity.
  • Select or adapt materials to make them free of gender bias.
  • Provide training on their uses.

For example: The SCCE assisted one school district in developing comprehensive approaches to raise awareness about peer-to-peer sexual harassment. The center provided training to more than 120 principals, assistant principals and key administrative personnel to help them understand their responsibilities under the law regarding sexual harassment. Administrators used school-based examples and activities to practice identifying and responding to sexual harassment charges between students, between staff and students, and between employees. Training videos, activities and handouts equipped the administrators with practical tools they could implement immediately to ensure a minimized risk of maintaining a sexually hostile environment on their campuses.

For more information on the South Central Collaborative for Equity contact Bradley Scott, Ph.D., at bradley.scott@idra.org or 210-444-1710.