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IDRA Parent Leadership Model (English)

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Parents as Teachers – Acknowledging families for what they have already contributed to the education of their children. Parents are validated for the informal ways they instruct their children in the home and pass on family values and wisdom.

Parents as Resources – Recognizing that the prime asset that parents bring to school is the knowledge and understanding of the child. Parents and primary caretakers are the experts on their children. Families are supported to contribute in the classroom in a variety of ways, including assisting with instructional support.

Parents as Decision Makers – Facilitating opportunities for parents to participate in groups, making decisions for the improvement and well-being of the school. Parents are supported in learning, planning, assessing options and arriving at collective solutions.

Parents as Leaders and Trainers – Supporting leaders as they begin to emerge. A leader is one who brings two or more others to a school conversation, meeting or event is a leader. Leadership is reflected in disseminating information, gathering others on school issues and participating in collective action to improve the school.