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PTA Comunitario

The next generation of IDRA’s family leadership in education model is the Education CAFÉ. Formerly known as PTA Comunitario, the Education CAFÉ approach is still designed to transform the traditional model of parent school organizations into a more effective vehicle for parents who have previously been excluded or underserved to participate and influence their schools. The new name emphasizes the diversity of communities who are engaged in impacting their public schools. This parent-led approach creates a partnership between families and schools in support of children’s academic and social success.


The First Comunitario PTA

The First Comunitario PTA  The first Comunitario PTA was begun by a non-proselytizing, faith-based group made up of immigrant women,...

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Core Articles about Comunitario PTA

Core Articles about Comunitario PTA “Our children could get lost” – Rio Grande Valley Parents Gather to Discuss Policy Implications...

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Podcasts about Comunitario PTA

Podcasts about Comunitario PTA  PTA Comunitarios Focus on Strengthening their Schools  Episode 148 (February 10, 2014) Building Parent Voice for...

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Videos about Comunitario PTA

Videos about Comunitario PTA   W.K. Kellogg Foundation 2013 Convening W.K Kellogg Foundation convened national leaders to highlight innovative approaches...

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How Comunitario PTAs are Different than Traditional Parent Involvement

How Comunitario PTAs are Different than Traditional Parent Involvement   The Comunitario PTA process is an innovation for parent organizations and...

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