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Families & Communities

Texas Education CAFE Advocacy Network

Family & community advocacy network focusing on education issues in the 2021 Texas legislative session

IDRA’s family leadership in the education process, Education CAFE™, supports parents and caregivers to understand and influence public school policy and practice. This January, families in Texas will have various opportunities to inform legislators and staff about their priorities, needs and hopes for the education of their children, from birth through college graduation.

Due to COVID-19, there likely will be a drastic change in how the general public will be able to interact with policymakers during the Texas legislative session. Now more than ever, policymakers need to hear from the very people their decisions will impact.

IDRA is launching a family and community advocacy network focusing on education issues in the Texas legislative session. We invite families and community advocates to join in. Start by signing up to receive our new email alerts, which will be available in English and Spanish.

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