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College Financial Aid Opportunities for Immigrant Students – VOE Webinar

This video outlines the many financial aid options available for college, particularly for first-generation college students.

Key Points

  • FAFSA and TAFSA eligibility requirements and application processes for all students, regardless of immigration status. Understand the importance of all grant deadlines and priority submission.
  • MALDEF scholarship guide provides financial aid information and cautions against scams that you may encounter within the scholarship process.
  • Dream US national scholarship availability and benefits offered at select schools specifically for DREAMers in the United States.

Resources & Tools

Webinar slides: College Financial Aid Opportunities for Immigrant Students

Understanding TASFA Eligibility

Filling out the TAFSA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid)

Filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

College Assistance Migrant Program 

Eligibility Requirements for Non-US Citizens – Many non-U.S. citizens qualify for federal student aid

MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide

The National Scholarship for Dreamers

About the San Antonio VOE

IDRA and the Consulate General of Mexico in San Antonio are partnering to help Mexican and Mexican American families navigate the U.S. education system and learn about important educational opportunities in both countries. The program, called Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa (VOE), provides information on the civil rights of immigrant and English learner students, local educational services, and resources on how to access and succeed in college. See bilingual brochure.

IDRA produced this webinar series to provide information to families while the Consulate was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.