Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs in Texas – What is Known; What is Needed

Albert Cortez, Ph.D., & María Robledo Montecel, Ph.D.


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This policy brief examines how these programs have been carried out after the Texas legislature established a policy in 1995 requiring school districts to have an “alternative educational setting for behavioral management.” These programs manage more than 90,000 pupils a year and cost millions of state taxpayer dollars. But we know very little of what they do, much less how (or how well) they do it. Part of a series on key issues in education developed by the IDRA Institute for Policy and Leadership, this brief includes policy recommendations, findings at a glance, the national picture, an overview of the Texas policy, findings examined, and a closer look at one school.



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Available online only (free). (No ISBN; 28 Pages; 1999)