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Emergent Bilingual Student Education Research

Below are samples of IDRA research in the education of emergent bilingual students. For additional resources, see Emergent Bilingual Student Education.

Creating a More Bilingual Texas 2021 Texas Can Better Serve Emergent Bilingual Students – Report on Creating a More Bilingual Texas

Texas public schools enroll emergent bilingual (English learner) students at twice the national rate. Yet, educational policy conversations often overlook emergent bilingual students and bilingual education.  IDRA co-authored a new report released in March 2021 in partnership with Every Texan. The report, Creating a More Bilingual Texas, provides an overview of policies, history and current issues for emergent bilingual students and bilingual/ESL education in Texas. It also shares recommendations to address the ongoing challenges to achieving educational equity for emergent bilingual students.

IDRA Symposium Program 2017 Low Funding for Educating ELLs Affects Students Across Texas – Symposium Proceedings

In June 2015, IDRA released the proceedings report of the IDRA José A. Cárdenas School Finance Fellows Program symposium focusing on education of English language learners. The report shares key insights from the robust discussion among the participants in IDRA’s ELL symposium along with the research study conducted by Dr. Jimenez-Castellanos. The report also provides a set of recommendations useful for policymakers, educators, community and business leaders and parents. Print the proceedings report (PDF). See the proceedings report through the dynamic digital reader below.

Education of English Language Learners in U.S. and Texas Schools – Where We Are, What We Have Learned and Where We Need to Go from Here – A 2009 Update

This policy update gives an overview of increasing numbers of ELL students, distribution of ELL students, increasing diversity and varying languages, instructional programs provided, and funding provided to ELL programs along with recommendations. Read Education of English Language Learners in U.S. and Texas Schools – Where We Are, What We Have Learned and Where We Need to Go from Here – A 2009 Update (pdf) or order your copy for $7.

Good Schools and Classrooms for Children Learning English: A Guide

IDRA rigorously and methodically studied exemplary bilingual education programs in schools across the nation as determined by English learner students’ academic achievement. As a result, we identified the 25 common characteristics that contribute to high academic performance of students served by bilingual education programs.

Framework for Effective Instruction of Secondary English Language Learners 

This IDRA research-based framework provides guidance for design, implementation and evaluation of an effective English learner program.