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Exemplary Bilingual Programs

Schools with Exemplary Bilingual Programs that Participated in the IDRA Study

River Glen Elementary School
San Jose Unified District
855 Lenzen Ave.
San Jose, California 95126
Ph: 408-535-6000; Fax: 408-535-2321
Contact: Dr. Linda Murray, Superintendent
Heritage Elementary School
Woodburn School District
965 North Boones Ferry Rd.
Woodburn, Oregon 97071
Ph: 503-981-9555; Fax: 503-981-8018
Contacts: Dr. Jack Reeves, Superintendent
Kathy Larson, Principal
(Ph: 503-981-2850; Fax 503-981-2890)

Paul Bell Middle School
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
1450 N.E. Second Ave., Ste 912
Miami, Florida 33132
Ph: 305-995-1430; Fax: 305-995-1488
Contacts: Roger Cuevas, Superintendent
Robert A. Collins, Office of Evaluation and
?????Research, Executive Director
Ingrid Soto, Assistant Principal for Curriculum

James Bowie Elementary School
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
P.O. Box Y
Pharr, Texas 78577
Ph: 956-702-5612; Fax: 956-702-5602
Contacts: Arturo Guajardo, Superintendent
Aida C. Escobar, Assistant Superintendent
?????for Curriculum, Instruction and School
Jungman Elementary School
Chicago Public Schools, Region 3
2021 North Burling
Chicago, Illinois 60614
Ph: 773-534-6284; Fax: 773-534-6329
Contact: Dr. Hazel B. Steward, Superintendent
Lorenzo DeZavala Elementary School
San Marcos Consolidated ISD
P.O. Box 1087
San Marcos, Texas 78667-1087
Ph: 512-393-6744; Fax: 512-393-6709
Contacts: Dr. Ann Dixon, Superintendent
Yolanda Almendarez, Principal
Cambridge Public Schools
159 Thorndike St.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141
Ph: 617-349-6466; Fax: 617-349-6515
Contacts: Bobbie D’Alessangro, Superintendent
Mary T. Cazabon, Bilingual Education Program Director
Monument Valley High School
San Juan School District
200 N. Main
Blanding, Utah 84511
Ph: 435-678-1200; Fax: 435-678-1272
Contact: Dr. Gary Cameron, Superintendent
St. Mary’s Public School
Mount Angel School District
P.O. Box 1129
Mount Angel, Oregon 97362
Ph: 503-845-2547; Fax: 503-845-9438
Contacts: Robert Young, Superintendent
Sharon Poteet, Principal

Oyster Elementary School
District of Columbia Public Schools
825 N.E. Capital Street, 9th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20002
Ph: 202-442-5885; Fax: 202-442-5026
Contacts: Dr. Paul L. Vance, Superintendent
Arturo Flores, Principal
(Ph: 202-671-3111)