Indicators of Success for Bilingual Programs

School Indicators
Retention Rate
Dropout Rate
Enrollment in Gifted and Talented/Advanced Placement Programs
Enrollment in Special Education or Remedial Programs
Test Exemption Rates
Program Exiting Standard

Student Outcomes
Oral Language Proficiency
Reading and Writing Proficiency
Content Area Mastery in English
Content Area Mastery in Native Language

At the School Level: Leadership
Vision and Goals
School Climate
School Organization and Accountability

At the School Level: Support
Professional Development
Parent Involvement
Teacher Accountability and Student Assessment
Staff Selection and Recognition
Community Involvement

At the Classroom Level: Programmatic and Instructional Practices
Appropriate Program Models
Positive Classroom Climate
Academically Challenging Curriculum and Instruction
High Teacher Expectations
Program Articulation

Identified by IDRA’s research study, Successful Bilingual Education Programs: Development and Dissemination of Criteria to Identify Promising/Exemplary Practices in Bilingual Education at the National Level, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.