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Benefits of Reflection for School Leaders – Podcast Episode 220 | Classnotes Podcast 220

Dr. Encarnacion GarzaClassnotes Podcast (February 28, 2022). Critical reflection is important for professional growth among school leaders. It creates space for leaders to gain insights about their practices that can enhance leadership skills. Dr. Nilka Avilés sits down to talk with Dr. Encarnacion Garza about the difference between self-reflection and critical collective reflection. He outlines key rules that guide the process.

Dr. Encarnacion Garza, is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas as San Antonio, where he instructs future principals and teacher leaders. Dr. Nilka Avilés is an IDRA senior education associate and leads IDRA projects for principal coaching and school leadership team development.

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Show length: 20:13 min.


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Show Notes

  • Encarnacion gives an overview of the Urban School Leaders Collaborative (USLC) and its mission.

  • Encarnacion shares his definition of leadership reflection.

  • Encarnacion outlines the process he follows when working in groups and explains the challenge of getting leaders to open up and allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

  • Encarnacion and Nilka discuss the healing benefits of reflection.