Bridging Academic and Home Knowledge with Home Works Lessons – Podcast Episode 206 | Classnotes Podcast 206

Classnotes Podcast (October 28, 2020). COVID-19 has forced a re-imagining of instruction to promote learning and engagement in virtual lessons. Dr. Martina McGhee saw this as an opportunity to help elementary students extend their academic learning with their everyday lives at home.

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Garcia, IDRA STEM and gender equity education specialist, talks with Auburn University’s clinical professor, Dr. Martina McGhee, about her new project entitled, Home Works. In response to COVID-19 and the increased need for quality distance learning resources, Dr. McGhee and her undergraduate students created meaningful learning experiences for elementary students. Listen to this episode to learn more about the Home Works learning model and how to leverage their free resources for educators and families.

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Show length: 13:58 min.


Home Works – Elementary Education Distance Learning Curriculum

Auburn University College of Education launching ‘Home Works’ program to help students, families, press release


Learning Goes On – A COVID-19 Resource for Education – webpage serves as a hub for materials, webinars, and other information and resources for educators and policymakers

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Show Notes

  • Martina shares how she started the Home Works program at Auburn University.

  • Martina discusses opportunities for pre-service teachers to use Home Works as reimagined virtual lessons.

  • Martina considers how families and educators can take advantage of the Home Works model during the pandemic.

  • Martina talks about the mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning options, including complementary activities for siblings.

  • Martina outlines plans for the program, including the development of printed materials for students whose online access is more limited.