Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed.

Building Parent Voice for Action – Podcast Episode 146 | Classnotes Podcast 146

Classnotes Podcast (October 14, 2014) Families need to know how schools are doing, and they can use available data to give them a big picture view of their neighborhood public school. But parents can also dig deeper by surveying each other. In this episode, Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed., IDRA senior education associate, describes how some family groups have conducted parent-to-parent surveys, finding common goals and concerns. The process is helping their schools listen to families and more importantly is helping families and schools partner together to meet the challenge. Aurelio is interviewed by Bradley Scott, Ph.D. director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity.

Show length: 13:28

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Community Conversations about Math Learning and Teaching
By Kristin Grayson, M.Ed., and Aurelio Montemayor, M.Ed.

Montemayor, A.M. “This We Know – All of Our Children are Learning
IDRA Newsletter, Aurelio Montemayor, M.Ed.

Sample survey for students about mathematics learning (doc)- Download

Sample survey for parents about their children’s mathematics learning (doc)- Download

Student Presentation of Survey Results (ppt)- Download
Math Survey Project – Projecto de la Encuesta Sobre Matematicas

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Show Notes

  • Aurelio explains the importance of parent leadership and how it’s connected to school holding power.

  • Aurelio references the 29th annual IDRA’s attrition study, and the ongoing challenge of making the data meaningful and actionable for parents.

  • Aurelio discusses how schools and parent organizations often fail to communicate authentically with parents.

  • Aurelio talks about the power and potential of parents interviewing each other, particularly when they connect around common goals, which often cut across race and class.

  • Aurelio considers IDRA’s role as a bridge organization, connecting to an existing community group that values both school professionals and parents.

  • Aurelio counters the assumption within some school districts that parents of poor, minority students are resigned to having their children in a non-college track, sharing an example from a parent group he’s worked with in El Paso.