The horrifying school shooting in Uvalde this week has shaken us all, in Texas and across the country. We are deeply saddened and angry for the young children, teachers, families and community whose lives have been changed in such a devastating way.

Yet again, in the wake of a tragic school shooting, some policymakers are quickly proposing strategies that we know do not make schools safer, including increasing the presence of school police, bringing more weapons into classrooms and “hardening” schools to the point that they feel more like prisons than learning environments.

We urge everyone to remember what school safety truly looks like and take meaningful steps to address gun violence across the country, ensure children and teachers have the resources and support they need in their schools and invest in strong, relationship-centered learning environments. IDRA’s resources on our School Support in the Wake of Violence page focus on what it takes to build these environments, including after devastating violence.

Support Families in Uvalde, Texas

In partnership with the Uvalde CISD, First State Bank of Uvalde has created the Robb School Memorial Fund to assist the families and community affected by this tragedy. There are multiple ways you can give to support this local fund.