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Coaching and Mentoring New Teachers – Podcast Episode 24 | Podcast Episode 24

Dr. Adela SolisClassnotes Podcast (November 9, 2007) Although new teachers are expected to assume the same job responsibilities as teachers who have taught for 20 years, most face this task with little assistance or guidance during their first year of teaching. Novice teachers must address the challenges of a new school culture, the emotional ups and downs associated with a new work experience, high expectations of the school and the community, and all the new knowledge that must be acquired about policies and practices of the school district. IDRA’s Dr. Linda Cantu and Dr. Adela Solís discuss how coaching and mentoring programs can give new teachers the peer support and trusted advice they need to succeed from day one. Linda and Adela also share unique features of IDRA’s coaching and mentoring model, which focuses on improving teacher practices that work in classrooms with diverse student populations, particularly low-income, minority and other students with special needs. They are interviewed by Bradley Scott, Ph.D., director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity.

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Show length: 22:32


Coaching and Mentoring for Novice Teachers
Dynamic induction training for mentors and new teachers.

New Teacher Center
Training materials on mentoring and information via articles and research reports.

Assist Beginning Teachers
Many printable hands on resources for the mentor program administrator/evaluator, mentor and new teacher

Texas Mentoring Module and New Teacher Standards
at State Board of Educator Certification –SBEC

IDRA Mentor Training Institute

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Show Notes

  • Host Bradley Scott, Ph.D., senior IDRA education associate, welcomes guests Dr. Linda Cantu and Dr. Adela Solís, developers of IDRA's coaching and mentoring model.

  • Linda talks about the importance of mentoring for new teachers.

  • Adela explains why teacher preparation in a college setting is often "not enough." Adela names and describes the three dimensions of support that new teachers receive from mentors – emotional, technical, and instructional.

  • Linda and Adela discuss the unique approach of IDRA's coaching and mentoring model.

  • Linda and Adela talk about the kinds of participants in the mentoring program, including alternative certification teachers.

  • Adela advises school districts to plan ahead so that their mentoring programs are "systematic and rigorous."

  • Linda explains why principals and administrators should provide new teachers with mentors who are not also their supervisors.