Court Ruling on Compliance with NCLB Mandates – Podcast Episode 28 | Podcast Episode 28

Classnotes Podcast (February 15, 2008) Recently, a three-judge panel of a federal appeals court ruled in favor of school districts in several states who claimed that the No Child Left Behind Act requires them to pay for testing and other programs without providing sufficient federal money. IDRA’s school policy director, Dr. Albert Cortez, gives an overview of the case and its implications for states, school districts as well as for NCLB reauthorization. Albert is interviewed by Christie Goodman , APR, IDRA’s communications manager.

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Show length: 13:52


No Lawsuit Left Behind, By Michael Heise
Chief Justice Roberts, the schoolmaster, in Education Next

Legal Questions Regarding the No Child Left Behind Act
By the National Conference of State Legislators

Court Ruling in School District of the City of Pontiac, et al., vs. Secretary of the United States Department of Education

Court Ruling in NCLB Suit Fuels Fight Over Costs – NEA case’s revival reopens talk of ‘unfunded’ obligations in law

Education Week article by Mark Walsh, Published online: January 11, 2008

Letter from U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings to Chief State School Officers

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Show Notes

  • Host Christie Goodman, APR, IDRA's communications manager, welcomes Dr. Albert Cortez, IDRA's school policy director, for a discussion of a recent federal appeals court ruling and the case's implications for states, school districts, and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) reauthorization.

  • Dr. Cortez summarizes both the initial district court and federal appeals court rulings in Pontiac School District vs. U.S. Department of Education.

  • Dr. Cortez discusses the prospects for NCLB reauthorization.

  • Christie asks Dr. Cortez what steps states and school districts should take while the appeals process continues.

  • Dr. Cortez discusses the accountability provisions of NCLB and their impact on states and local school districts.