(April 17, 2023 • Austin) Families, advocates and policymakers spoke for House Bill 4625 to strengthen Texas laws prohibiting and preventing identity-based bullying and harassment in schools. Approximately one in four students in this country experience bullying related to their race, national origin, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Students across the state have been increasingly reporting alarming examples of identity-based bullying in schools – fueled in part by misinformation spread as a result of recent efforts to attack and undermine diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in education.

The news conference took place just before the Texas House Youth Health & Safety’s Select Committee hearing on HB 4625.

Read IDRA’s testimony for HB 4625 by Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D., Texas Must Prohibit and Prevent Identity-based Bullying in Schools. 

Read testimony by NAACP Texas presented by Gary Bledsoe, President.

Watch the news conference and hearing below. We will continue to post updates here.

0:4:49 min       Shardae McGaha, parent & cofounder of Parents Against Racism, Texas

0:6:46 min       Phyllis Gant, Lubbock NAACP Chairwoman of Legal Redress

0:15:33 min     Tracy Kemp, parent & cofounder of Parents Against Racism, Texas

0:18:55 min     Mary Pegues, parent & cofounder of Parents Against Racism, Texas

0:25:38 min     Trinity Hawkins

0:35:07 min     Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D., IDRA Chief Legal Analyst

0:40:07 min     Tiffanie Harrison, teacher

0:44:07 min     Laquanta Hernández, parent & educator

0:55:01 min     Jasmine Hernández, student

0:57:33 min     Sara Freund, educator

1:15:56 min     Manya Blaisdell, advocate

1:18:59 min     Andrew Hairston, Texas Appleseed Education Justice Project Director

1:21:53 min     Gary Bledsoe, Texas NAACP President

1:26:05 min     Hank Whitekurt*, TEA Director of Student Supports Implementation, Division of Supportive Schools

1:34:45 min     Rep. Ron Reynolds

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