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Even Digital Natives Need to Learn Digital Literacy – Podcast Episode 228 | Classnotes Podcast 228

Munirih Santiago Jester photoChristina Quintanilla-MuñozClassnotes Podcast (September 26, 2022). Digital literacy is a critical skill for engaging in our world today. It is much broader than knowing how to operate a computer or navigate a website. Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, M.Ed., talks with Munirih Santiago Jester of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance about what it means to be a digital inclusive society that fosters innovation. Munirih cautions use of the term “digital native” for describing young people today can lead to the belief that we don’t need to teach them anything about using technology appropriately or being good digital citizens.

Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, M.Ed., is IDRA’s research analyst and a former IDRA education policy fellow. Munirih Santiago Jester is programs manager for the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.

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Show length: 15:57 min.


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Show Notes

  • Munirih talks about her new role with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.

  • Munirih discusses digital literacy, and the role it can play in solving the equity issues of the digital divide across Texas.

  • Munirih explains why she doesn’t like the phrase “digital native.”

  • Munirih considers what a digitally inclusive society should look like.

  • Christina asks Munirih for policy recommendations to help close the digital divide.