As a principal, how can I find out how the proposed school finance system will affect the funds that my school receives? How can I compare both systems?

As a teacher, what impact does the current educational finance have on me and my students in my classroom? How do I and my students benefit from this system?

If the current recapture program is discontinued, what kind of impact will this have on me and my students?

What exactly is school finance equity?

Why is “Robin Hood” the wrong label?

Why should I be concerned about eliminating the current system?

Who will be impacted by eliminating the existing system of school finance? Who wins and who loses?

Is the current funding system so bad that it cannot be fixed?

What about just figuring out what an adequate education is and providing funding just for that?

I am a principal of a school in a low wealth school district. Why should I be concerned with a change in the current school finance system?

I am a principal of a school in an average wealth district. Why should I be concerned about funding equity?

What are some suggestions for funding a more equitable school finance system in Texas?

What does school finance equity mean?

Who is trying to change the way schools are funded in Texas? Why?

How does school finance affect my child?

I’m a parent – how do I make a difference?

Who can I contact about more information?