How a Rural School District Makes its All-Students Attitude Real – Podcast Episode 207 | Classnotes Podcast 207

Classnotes Podcast (November 16, 2020). IDRA’s change model, the Quality Schools Action Framework, helps people focus on what’s needed in their local school context to truly ensure access to high quality education for all students. As the need for universal college and career preparation continues to grow, we can see how the framework comes alive in how school districts structure themselves to meet this need.

In this episode, Hector Bojorquez, IDRA director of operations and educational practice, talks with Andy Wilson, provost of Roscoe Collegiate ISD in Texas, about how the district has been innovating for a decade to meet its goal of having all students be career- and college-ready. Andy outlines the district’s blended model of early college high school and STEM academy, its schoolwide AVID program, its partnerships with colleges in the area, and its teacher support systems to identify and support students in all grades when they are struggling.

Andy states: “Nobody gets a pass on college classes, nobody gets a pass on STEM classes and credentialing… We just feel like attaining that level of education, bachelor’s degree being the baseline, will set our students up for success in their future. We have a high majority of low socioeconomic and first-generation college-goers, and so we’re really looking at changing lives and really stopping generational poverty.”

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Show length: 18:49 min.


Quality Schools Action Framework,

Courage to Connect: A Quality Schools Action Framework

College Bound and Determined

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Show Notes

  • Andy shares the vision and mission of Roscoe ISD and outlines the academic success that the students in the district have achieved over the last decade.

  • Andy talks about the district’s dual-credit and early college high school programs and the differences between the two models.

  • Andy discusses how the district supports teachers in their goal of meeting the diverse education needs of all students.

  • Andy talks about Roscoe’s innovative educational approach – both their instructional framework and strategies for K-12 students, and their in-progress implementation of a Montessori program.

  • Andy considers future educational opportunities for Roscoe ISD.