How Principals Can Support their Teachers – Podcast Episode 164 | Classnotes Podcast 164

Dr Nilka Aviles, Ed.D.Classnotes Podcast (June 6, 2016) We have high expectations for our teachers. IDRA’s Quality Schools Action Framework points to teaching quality as one of the four critical components that must be addressed in any comprehensive school reform effort that will be sustained over time. But teaching quality cannot happen in isolation. The structure of the school, the school leadership and valuing climate also are essential to teaching quality. Former teacher Judith Urdiales describes how her principal, Nilka Avilés, Ed.D., (now an IDRA senior education associate) built a system of support for teachers in their school that resulted in dramatic success for students.

Judith is interviewed Nilka Avilés, Ed.D., an IDRA senior education associate.

Show length: 14:01

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Show Notes

  • Judith explains how Nilka, as principal, worked to overhaul that mindset at their school by creating a “culture of success,” based in the positive and genuine relationships they developed with students and their families over time.

  • Judith describes how the school’s team and classroom structure also fostered a productive learning environment.

  • Judith recounts how the school used performance data to implement more meaningful and personalized classroom activities with the students.

  • Nilka talks about bringing the AVID program to the school, starting in the 6th grade, and the impact the program had in creating and holding students to higher expectations.

  • Judith reflects on the experience her own children had at the school.

  • Judith and Nilka close by discussing the successful results their students achieved.