November – December 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Berlin Walls of the Mind, W.S. White

Bilingual Education is About Bridging and Building, M. Robledo Montecel

Obstacles to Immigrant Parent Participation in Schools, P. McCollum

Public Engagement: Making Schools Our Schools

Public Engagement Results in Support of Education for All Children, A. Cortez and A.A. Romero

Public School Choice: Keeping the Focus on Equity, A. Bastian

Top 10 Questions Parents Should Ask About Bilingual Education at Their Child’s Campus, A. Villarreal and A. Solís

What is Science Literacy?, J. Vigil

October 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Audit Reports TEA Drop Out Measure is Inaccurate

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Expands

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Receives La Promesa Award

“E Pluribus Unum” Strengthened By Multicultural Education, F. Gonzales

Endorsers of IDRA’s “Children First” Declaration

Equity and Accountability Needed to Reduce Dropout Rates, J. Supik

Improving America’s Schools Regional Conference Held

Internet Places of Interest

Our Nation on the Fault Line: Hispanic American Education Dropouts

School Finance Inequities Mean Schools Are Not Ready to Teach, M. Robledo Montecel

Up or Down: The Dropout Dilemma in Texas, R.L. Johnson

What Adults Should Know About Teenagers, A.M. Montemayor,

September 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Adult Literacy Outreach Innovations: Porque Significa Tanto, C.L. Goodman

Families United for Education…Conversations with Parents and Friends, editorial, A.M. Montemayor

Keeping the Faith: Valuing Parents, A.M. Montemayor

Mobilization for Equity Highlights, L. Ocasio

Two-way Bilingual Education: A Positive Way to “Cry Woof”, F. Gonzales

August 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Alternative Schools: Short-term Solutions with Long-Term Consequences, North Carolina Education and Law Project

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Tutors Carry Olympic Flame

Desegregation to Inclusion: Embracing a Full Spectrum of Diversity, L.C. Green

High Failure Rates: Quality or Ineffectiveness?, editorial, A. Villarreal

The Hopwood Case – What It Says, What It Doesn’t Say, The Future of the Case and “The Rest of the Story”, A. Kauffman

Dr. José A. Cárdenas Receives Champion of Equity Award

School Opening Alert Issued: Immigrant Students’ Right to Attend Public School

School Restructuring: A Continuing Imperative, R. Johnson

Supporting School Improvement in Reading Through Professional Development, R. López del Bosque and A. Villarreal

June – July 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Content in Context: Technology that Makes Sense in Education, F. Montes

I’d Never Really Thought about Being a Scientist, editorial, E. Rodriguez

Making Math and Science Relevant, K. Mahoney and K. Gchachu

TAAS Math Performance, L. Cantu

Texas Statewide Systemic Initiative, D. Hill

May 1996 IDRA Newsletter


CHIME (Clearinghouse for Immigrant Education): Service Provides Access to Information on the Education of Immigrant Students, A.M. Montemayor

Creative Collaboratives: Empowering Immigrant Students and Families Through Education, J. Supik and A. Cortez

Dispelling Myths about Immigrant Students, A. Carmona

Immigrant Education from the Administrators’ Perspective, P. McCollum and J. Garcia

Immigrant Education Policy: Why Attempt to Fix What’s Not Broken?, A. Cortez

Signs of Hope in Projects School, editorial, T. Keene

April 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Children of America, Take Your Mark. Ready. Set. Wait a Minute, B. Scott

Needed: A Massive Moral Movement to Leave No Child Behind, editorial, M.W. Edelman

Scientific Literacy is Child’s Play, H. Bauer

A Synergistic Multi-age Model for Minority Students, F. Montes

Technology, Teachers and Early Childhood, A. Yánez-Pérez

March 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Achieving Gender Equity in Multicultural Bilingual Education: A Review of ESL: The Whole Person Approach, A. Solís

Administrator’s Alert: Sexual Harassment is Everybody’s Business, B. Scott

Alice Dickerson Montemayor’s Feminist Challenge to LULAC in the 1930’s, C. Orozco

IDRA’s MIJA Program Expands, A. Yánez-Pérez

Women in Education Fields, L. Cantú

World Wide Web Sites on Gender Equity and Other On-line Resources on Gender Equity

February 1996 IDRA Newsletter


Affirmative Action: Not a Thing of the Past, L. Cantu

Celebrating Cultural Differences: Integrating the Language and Culture of Staff and Students in Campus Life, A.M. Montemayor

Everything Old Seems New Again…Or Is It? Recognizing Aversive Racism, B. Scott

Sparing My Children from “The Feeling,” editorial, R. Yzaguirre

January 1996 IDRA Newsletter


English Only: Conversations on the Internet, A.M. Montemayor

English Only Defined

English Plus Information Clearinghouse Resolution on English Plus

English Plus Proponents

Habla Usted Espanol? Bilingualism is a Tool for Business, A. Carmona

Language Legislation Before Congress, C. Cavazos

Speaking Up for Bilingual Education, editorial, A. Cortez