• IDRA Newsletter • April 2012 •

IDRA’s Semillitas [seedlings] project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is designed to respond to the need for educational equity with culturally and linguistically relevant early childhood materials for Latino, Native American and African American children and families in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Providing support and voice for underserved families, the project is creating awareness of the needs and assets of young children. Through this project, IDRA is fostering collaborative leadership and action in advocating for access to excellent early childhood education as well as leading professional development for teachers, parents and caregivers. The project is involved in the production of IDRA’s supplemental curriculum, Semillitas de aprendizaje, that is based on the art of storytelling and high quality professional development. The enchanting, colorful series of Big Book stories comes with a research-based teacher guide and Cartitas, which are bilingual letters home to help foster parent engagement and support home-school partnerships for student success. Additionally, a set of 15 little math books support numeracy, literacy, and cognitive and emotional development. IDRA will soon launch an online network for sharing information and resources for parents and practitioners. Get more information about the Semillitas project and the Semillitas de aprendizaje™ early childhood supplemental curriculum.

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