Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed.

Intergenerational Family Leadership for Schools – Podcast Episode 167 | Classnotes Podcast 167

Classnotes Podcast (October 24, 2016) Across the country, educators look for ways to connect their lessons to the “real world,” seeking ideas for engaging their students to support their learning. At the same time, some may be content with traditional parent engagement but others want something more. In this episode, Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed., IDRA senior education associate, tells the story of how intergenerational family leadership that recognizes the contributions of youth in family engagement can also demonstrate how youth projects in their communities can serve academic purposes as well. He references a recent article he coauthored with Dr. Nancy Chavkin of Texas State University for VUE (Voices in Urban Education) magazine entitled, “Liderazgo Familiar Intergeneracional: Intergenerational Family Leadership as a New Paradigm of Family Engagement.”

Aurelio is interviewed by Sofia Bahena, Ed.D., senior education associate.

Show length: 13:05

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Liderazgo Familiar Intergeneracional: Intergenerational Family Leadership as a New Paradigm of Family Engagement, Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed., and Dr. Nancy Chavkin

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Show Notes

  • Aurelio gives an overview of intergenerational family leadership, and explains why it’s a key element of family engagement.

  • Aurelio talks about IDRA’s work with ARISE and the Aurelio Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, and the evolution of volunteer programs away from a “cheap labor pool” approach and toward building connections to existing academic projects, with the goal of deepening students’ leadership skills and changing the perception of their readiness for college.

  • Aurelio explains how ARISE’s deep roots within the local community enables the organization to advocate for more meaningful project-based learning programs for students.

  • Aurelio offers his advice to communities looking to create new student and family leadership programs.