• IDRA Newsletter • January 2015 •

Dr. Bradley ScottThis year, the IDRA Newsletter is highlighting our staff’s varied and diverse talents and backgrounds. Dr. Bradley Scott directs the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity, a federally-funded equity assistance center, and leads IDRA’s Department of Educational Transformation and Innovation. The department conducts professional development, including coaching and mentoring for teachers, teacher leaders, principals leaders, and administrative leadership in school districts.

While it is known by many that Dr. Scott is a singer, it may not be known that as a choir director, he was named the Best Choir Director of the Year, three years running. He is an actor and has been a part of community theater. He received the best Supporting Actor of the Year while he taught in New York and was a member of the Community Theater Group of Elmira New York.

He has served as chair of many organizational boards and is most proud of the Friends of the Graduating Seniors Scholarship Fund that has given out over a half million dollars to the sons and daughter of military members in San Antonio.

Dr. Scott’s life is rooted in many varied activities and interests for which he is both recognized and awarded. Dr. Scott was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award from the Legislature of the State of Pennsylvania and was designated a Living Legend not only for the service he has provided to Clairton, Penn., where he grew up, but also to the entire state, as an exemplar of service in action.

He is a man of service in his local community and the nation. Locally, he is the recipient of the Difference Maker Award for community service. He has received special service awards from the Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma and East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

He has been recognized twice by former Governor Beebe as an Arkansas Traveler for his service to the public school systems of Arkansas. He received the leadership recognition for service to the state of Texas and the Edwards Ministerial Alliance awarded him both the leadership award for service to public education in Texas and a Life Time achievement award for his community service. He has been recognized by Omicron Delta Kappa as Man of the Year for his leadership in public life and the Top Ladies of Distinction honored him with the president’s Humanitarian of the Year Award.

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