• IDRA Newsletter • September 2015 •

Dr Kristin Grayson

This year, the IDRA Newsletter is highlighting our staff’s varied and diverse talents and backgrounds. Kristin Grayson, Ph.D., provides training and technical assistance to school districts, teachers and parents to improve student achievement particularly in the area of gender equity, race relations and English learners. Aside from her professional interests, she has a lifelong focus on family and friends. She is originally from the Chicago area and maintains close relations with her family, who now live in vast parts of the United States and around the world. Kristin developed a passion for travel and learning about people and cultures as a teenager. Her anthropological interests have led her through Mexico, Central and South America, as well as China and Taiwan. She has a network of friends across the globe, and has found her ‘family of the heart’ in the highlands of Guatemala. Through yearly travels to the Mayan communities in Guatemala and Lake Atitlan, she is recharged in spirit, emotion, and mind. Kristin continually strives to achieve goals. She has recently achieved her goal of completing her doctorate. In 2013, she earned a doctorate in organizational leadership as she simultaneously completed a master’s of business administration. She is also an avid reader, swimmer, and animal lover.

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