• IDRA Newsletter • May 2015 •

Paula Johnson

This year, the IDRA Newsletter is highlighting our staff’s varied and diverse talents and backgrounds. Paula Johnson, M.A., is a member of IDRA’s Department of Educational Transformation and Innovation. She also serves as an equity specialist for the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity, a federally-funded equity assistance center.

Ms. Johnson has served in the education field for nearly 20 years. Though she has a passion for teaching and learning, she possesses an artistic side. Throughout her life, Paula has performed on stages: dancing, singing, acting, reciting poetry and playing the flute. Behind the scenes, she has acted as both choreographer and producer. She plans to add author to the list by fulfilling one of her dreams of publishing a book, co-authored by her mother. The Mother’s Handbook (in the making for almost 30 years) is a guidebook full of parenting advice from a precocious adolescent to her mother based on her rules regarding situations she finds herself in.

Education has been a constant is Paula’s life. She has known that she wanted to be a doctor from an early age. For the past two years, Paula has studied at Texas State University pursuing a doctorate in mathematics education. Realizing that her research aspirations were moving in a different direction, she sought to return to the University of Texas at San Antonio to complete her doctoral studies. In Northside ISD, she was the mathematics department coordinator and academic coach. Recently, Paula received news that she has been accepted into the fall 2015 cohort for the Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching doctoral program. She has chosen to focus on curriculum and instruction. She is dedicated to the achievement of mathematical literacy and understanding for students of all ages.

Paula considers family her greatest treasure. She enjoys spending as much quality time as possible with her husband, three children, close friends and relations. She loves to entertain and hosts several events at her home throughout the year to bring her loved ones together for fun, food and fellowship.

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