• IDRA Newsletter • September 2003

A new book published by the Mexican and American Solidarity Foundation (MASF) highlights the importance of the relationship between Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The book, Las Organizaciones Mexicano Americanas, Hispanas, Mexicanas en los Estados Unidos, was unveiled at an event in Mexico City. The attendees at this event were composed of more than 200 individuals from the Mexican public and private sectors, as well as board members of the MASF. Board members of the MASF include: Dr. Blandina Cárdenas, Dean of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Texas at San Antonio; Mr. Héctor Flores, President, LULAC; Mr. J.R. Gonzales, Chair, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Fernando Solana, former Secretary of State in Mexico; and Dr. Josué M. González, Director of the Center for Bilingual Education and Research, Arizona State University.

altThe authors, Graciela Orozco and Roger Díaz de Cossí, are founding members of the MASF and, along with Esther González, have distinguished themselves as pioneers in the investigation and analysis of various aspects of the Mexican, Mexican American and Hispanic community in the United States, a topic of which they have various studies.

This book takes into account the efforts of many organizations that have defended the interests of individuals of Mexican origin and other Latinos within the United States, and proffers practical tools that facilitate communication and joint endeavors that are of mutual interest to Mexicans on both sides of the border.

Dr. María Robledo Montecel, executive director of the Intercultural Development Research Association and a MASF founding board member, said, “The organizations detailed in this book have achieved much in educational, health and housing services, and there is still much to be done.”

The MASF has worked for 10 years encouraging the convergence and understanding between the Mexican and Mexican American community in the United States. This binational organization has offices in Mexico and the United states.

Copies of Las Organizaciones Mexicano Americanas, Hispanas, Mexicanas en los Estados Unidos can be purchased through the MASF web site at: http://www.fsma.org.mx/Publicaciones/Libros/LibroOrganizaciones.htm.

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