Principal Leadership for English Learner Success – Podcast Episode 198 | Classnotes Podcast 198

Classnotes Podcast (November 14, 2019) English learners success in many ways depends on strong school leaders, many of whom are adjusting to both the growing numbers of English learners and the growing numbers of languages spoken in their school. Strong leaders innovate, inspire and empower their staff to serve their diverse populations. In this episode, Dr. Nilka Avilés talks with principal David Garcia about his dual language school and his vision of having not only bilingual students but biliterate and multicultural students who excel.

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Show length: 12:50


English Learner Success Depends on Strong Principal Leadership, by Nilka Avilés, Ed.D.

IDRA’s Framework for Effective Instruction of Secondary English Language Learners

Good Schools and Classrooms for Children Learning English: A Guide

Semillitas de Aprendizaje™ Early Childhood Training and Supplemental Curriculum

School Leaders Improve English Learner Literacy with Focus on Inferencing, by Nilka Avilés, Ed.D.

IDRA English Learner Literacy Coaching Services

Science Instructional Strategies for English Learners

Schools’ Duty to Educate English Learner Immigrant and Migrant Students, by Kristin Grayson, Ph.D.

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Show Notes

  • David discusses the changing student population at the academy, and the mindset the school has developed to ensure it meets the needs of English learners. He mentions the research by Kathy Escamilla that Twain has drawn from in creating and implementing its biliteracy framework.

  • David shares his approach to building trust with teachers and parents, and in inspiring them with a clear long-term vision.

  • David explains the importance of giving students the proper amount of learning and interaction time in both languages.

  • David talks about creating an environment for his teachers and staff that promotes dual literacy and high academic achievement, and that provides a safe space for feedback, coaching, and sharing ideas.