A Principal on Leadership for a Turnaround School – Part 1 – Podcast Episode 168 | Classnotes Podcast 168

Dr Nilka Aviles, Ed.D.Classnotes Podcast (December 2, 2016) The school principal lays the critical foundation for an effective school. Not surprisingly, research shows that there is an empirical correlation between the quality of school leadership and greater student achievement. It’s a tough job. IDRA’s STAARS Leaders project has been guiding principals in San Antonio to view their work through a social justice lens by cultivating leadership competencies that lead to successful outcomes for all students, as described by the Chicago Public Education Fund. In this episode, Principal Gregory Rivers describes how he has brought these competencies to life in his school.

In Part 1, he focuses on competencies of talent management, connecting with students and families, measurement and using data, serving English learners and influencing for results.

Gregory is interviewed Nilka Avilés, Ed.D., an IDRA senior education associate and director of IDRA’s STAARS Leaders project.

Show length: 20:01

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Show Notes

  • Greg gives an overview of his professional background, and shares how Ball Academy was formed.

  • Greg outlines the key competencies that leaders need to drive successful academic results.

  • Greg discusses the importance of connecting with parents around how to best support their children in the learning process

  • Greg talks about the value of measurement and “deep data digs,” and training teachers to better understand and make use of this data in meeting the needs of their students.

  • Greg explains the structural shift required to better serve English learners. It starts with increasing the academic rigor of teaching in the students’ native language before transferring that learning to English.

  • Greg talks about the process of introducing change at a school, and influencing others for results.

  • Greg describes how the school recently created a new mission statement and considers the plans for rolling out that new shared vision to parents.