Rosie Castro on Parent Engagement – Podcast Episode 115 | Classnotes Podcast Episode 115

Classnotes Podcast (November 5, 2012) IDRA led the bilingual parent institute at the Texas Association for Bilingual Education with a focus on: “Bilingual Ed Paves the Road to College.” Rosie Castro presented the keynote and talked about the value of bilingual education in schools today, how she emphasized to her young sons (San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro) that they were going to go to college. Ms. Castro directs the Center for Academic Transitions at Palo Alto College in San Antonio. IDRA’s Quality Schools Action Framework emphasizes the role of community and families to strengthening public schools to work for all children. Ms. Castro has a powerful legacy of community advocacy and, during her keynote, gave suggestions for finding partners to help parents support their children’s education.

Show length: 28:19

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Rosie Castro on Parent Engagement – IDRA
YouTube Video

IDRA’s Family Leadership in Education Center
This website helps families see how their school is doing and how the school should treat you (English & Spanish), see actions families can take, get resources on IDRA’s Family Leadership in Education model and learn about college preparation for all students.

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Show Notes

  • Frances Guzmán, M.Ed., an IDRA education associate, introduces the keynote from Ms. Castro.

  • Ms. Castro explains why the conference attendees are making an important investment in their children’s education.

  • Ms. Castro recounts how different the educational landscape was when she attended high school in the 1960s, including a staggering dropout rate of 80% and college-going rate of just 4% among Latinos.

  • Ms. Castro discusses the evolution of bilingual education over the years, and emphasizes the importance of speaking more than one language, especially in the age of a global economy.

  • Ms. Castro tells the story of her mother, who taught herself to read and write English and Spanish in spite of very little formal education, and who made sacrifices along the way so that Ms. Castro could attend college.

  • Ms. Castro explains why education and hard work are the keys to escaping poverty.

  • Ms. Castro talks about the roles that public libraries can play in shaping children’s appetite to learn and explore, and the notes the support that her son Julián has given to libraries as mayor of San Antonio.

  • Ms. Castro warns parents of the potential “distraction” of technology gadgets, especially when it comes at the expense of talking and giving full attention to their kids.

  • Ms. Castro emphasizes the need for parents to serve as advocates in their children’s education, including by partnering with local organizations like IDRA. She recalls the story of transferring her sons out of a middle school after an administrator suggested there was “a 70-percent chance that they wouldn’t make it in this world.”