IDRA Testifies in Support

(San Antonio • August 20, 2020) Today, the San Antonio City Council supported a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in a 9-0 vote. The important resolution cited the long history of racial violence and systemic inequities that have led to poor health outcomes for Black and Latino/a communities.

Morgan Craven, J.D., IDRA’s National Director of Policy, Advocacy and Community Engagement, provided testimony at the hearing. She explained that because education is a social determinant of health, racially discriminatory public education policies that create funding inequities, unfairly punish and criminalize Black and Latino children, and limit access to college endanger the health of students and communities of color. She also urged the City Council to take concrete actions to address inequitable systems and reverse harmful policies.

IDRA submitted a letter of support for the resolution, A Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis and to Establish Stronger Efforts to Promote Racial Equity in San Antonio.