Atlanta, Ga. • April 28, 2022 – The ACLU of Georgia (ACLU-GA), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and IDRA are joining to support educators, students and parents in Georgia as they monitor how a new, restrictive education law signed today by Gov. Brian Kemp will impact public school lessons about race and racism. During a press conference, the groups announced that they will gather stories of how the law is being used.

Educators, students, parents and caregivers are asked to contact the ACLU-GA, IDRA and the SPLC to report any policy changes to curriculum that may impede their ability to teach or learn. The email is

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“Students deserve an honest and inclusive education, and no state or federal lawmaker should stand in the way of that,” said Jalaya Liles Dunn, director of the SPLC’s Learning for Justice project. “The SPLC, alongside IDRA and the ACLU of Georgia, are committed to working with educators, students, parents, caregivers and community members negatively affected by the law. is a way to connect with them and receive valuable information to help challenge these laws.”

These organizations are committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of students in Georgia’s public schools. They are also working proactively to support educators and students in building more truthful, diverse and inclusive curricula.

“No matter where you come from or what you look like, you should have access to courses and curricula that value your culture, identity and humanity,” said Terrence Wilson, J.D., regional policy and community engagement director at IDRA.

“Whether you are white, Black, Hispanic or Asian, most parents want their children to learn about history the way they learn about math as accurately as possible,” said Andrea Young, ACLU of Georgia executive director.

Media Contacts

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Dorrie Toney, Communications Director, ACLU-GA • 404-302-0128 •

Ashley Levett, Associate Media Director, Southern Poverty Law Center • 334-296-0084 •