STEM Students Describe Life in a COVID-19 World – Podcast Episode 201 | Classnotes Podcast 201

Classnotes Podcast (May 27, 2020). Those most impacted by the sudden shift to distance learning clearly are the students themselves. In this podcast episode, we brought together students to share how they have been navigating the new challenges brought on by COVID-19 and distance learning. Ana Ramón talks with three Chief Science Officer students as they describe how they have stayed connected and keep innovating during this time. Our special guest students are: CSO Isela, 12th Grade, McCollum High School, Harlandale ISD; CSO Shreya, 10th Grade, Keystone School; and CSO Elizabeth, 8th Grade, Northeast ISD STEM Academy (Nimitz MS).

Students in IDRA’s Texas Chief Science Officer program are in grades 6-12 elected by their peers to be liaisons for STEM in their schools and communities. They learn leadership skills to implement on-campus projects and advocate for student voice in STEM. See our Texas Chief Science Officer webpage for details. These youth STEM ambassadors have not stopped their work to enrich a STEM culture despite their school and community closures.

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Show length: 23:36


IDRA Texas Chief Science Officer program

Webinar May 29: Elevate the Voices of Students in STEM at Your School – Webinar Q&A on Hosting the Texas Chief Science Officer Program

Webinar: Chief Science Officer Students Determined to Promote STEM Despite School Closures

In new San Antonio science and tech program, students call the shots, Alia Malik, San Antonio Express-News, October 17, 2019

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Show Notes

  • Elizabeth, Isela, Shreya all share how their lives have changed since the arrival of COVID-19.

  • Elizabeth and Shreya talk about the benefits and drawbacks of remote learning.

  • Isela and Shreya consider the historic significance of COVID-19 for Generation Z.

  • Shreya, Elizabeth and Isela discuss their roles as CSOs, and the growing spotlight on STEM fields during the pandemic.