• IDRA Newsletter • June-July 2019 •

IDRA joined more than a dozen education advocacy groups to release a policy agenda focused on increasing transparency and efficiency for charter schools. In addition to House Bill 3, the major school finance bill passed in June, several bills passed that impact charters.

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Joint Statement: Increase the Transparency and Efficiency of Charter Schools in Texas

Senate Bill 2293 includes provisions that require the Texas Education Agency to adopt a common application form for charter schools and to develop guidelines for waitlist management and reporting.

SB 1454 creates guidelines and reporting requirements related to real property and other assets owned by charter schools. IDRA will continue to work with families, educators and other advocates to ensure meaningful accountability and fair resource allocation and management for schools.

Morgan Craven, J.D., is the IDRA National Director of Policy. Comments and questions may be directed to her via email at morgan.craven@idra.org.