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Tutor’s Success Surprises Elementary Teacher – Podcast Episode 145 | Classnotes Podcast 145

Classnotes Podcast (September 29, 2014) Karen Leahy knew that having a Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program tutor work with students in her elementary classroom would help the tutors strengthen self-esteem. And she welcomed that opportunity. But she was surprised to see how they genuinely helped her first grade tutees get up to grade level in reading. Ms. Leahy is first grade teacher at the NOW Academy in the Los Angeles Unified School District and describes how she selected the students the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program tutors would be assigned to and how the tutors were embraced by not just her two charges, but by the whole class.

The IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program is a research-based, internationally-recognized dropout prevention program that has kept 98 percent of its tutors in school. It works by identifying junior high and high school students who are in at-risk situations and enlisting them as tutors for elementary school youngsters who are also struggling in school. Valued Youth tutors learn self-discipline and develop self-esteem; schools shift to the philosophy and practices of valuing students considered at-risk. Results show that tutors stay in school, have increased academic performance, improved school attendance and advanced to higher education. Ms. Leahy is interviewed by Dr. Sulema Carreón-Sánchez, a senior education associate.

Show length: 17:17

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Video: Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Tutors at the NOW Academy in the Los Angeles Unified School District

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Video: Elementary teacher describes why she likes having a Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program tutor in her classroom. [00:32]

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Show Notes

  • Ms. Leahy describes how she felt when she first heard that she would be participating in the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, and that the tutor for her class was only in the eighth grade.

  • Ms. Leahy explains how she selected the two students whom Irma, the tutor, would work with.

  • Ms. Leahy recounts how quickly the tutees became attached to Irma, and how one of the tutees, in particular, made such good progress and grew in her enthusiasm in her reading.

  • Ms. Leahy talks about the daily work schedule between the tutors and tutees at the NOW Academy.

  • Ms. Leahy shares how through tutoring, Irma also grew in confidence and self-esteem during the year, and was able to read a book out loud to the class during Dr. Seuss Week.

  • Ms. Leahy considers what surprised her most about the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program.