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Valuing Students and Children – Podcast Episode 84 | Classnotes Podcast 84

Classnotes Podcast (February 25, 2011) Familiar questions have been buzzing around the latest release of PISA test results showing low rankings among U.S. students compared to those in other countries, along with the controversy surrounding Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Some are asking if we should be more stringent with our children both at home and at school. Linda Cantu, Ph.D., an IDRA senior education associate, presents an alternative approach based on the experience of the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program that has turned conventional thinking on its head. She describes how the valuing philosophy of the program works as well as how it has influenced her as a mother and classroom teacher. Linda is interviewed by Aurelio Montemayor , M.Ed., director of the IDRA Texas Parent Information and Resource Center.

Show length: 15:24

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Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program

Book Review: America’s Top Parent – What’s behind the “Tiger Mother” craze?
by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker

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The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network Radio Webcast featured IDRA’s Dr. Linda Cantu. Listen to the archived show to learn about this assets-based approach to dropout prevention and discover key lessons learned in this award-winning cross-age tutoring program.

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Show Notes

  • Linda describes the philosophy of IDRA’s Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program and the essence of "valuing students."

  • Linda explains how the program has empowered kids to overcome their struggles in school and to prove their critics wrong.

  • Linda references the “Tiger Mom” controversy as she looks at the same valuing philosophy from the perspective of a mother of two young children.

  • Linda talks about the difference between valuing children and spoiling them.

  • Linda notes how the Coca-Cola Valued Youth tutors become heroes to the elementary school students that they work with.

  • Aurelio asks Linda how the approach of valuing students is applied to teaching methodologies inside the classroom.

  • Aurelio and Linda discuss the importance of teacher preparation, and how it leads to more hands-on instruction and fewer discipline problems with students.

  • Aurelio asks Linda how she would advise new teachers to best value their students.