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See the documentary video for the symposium (10:36 min) made by Emmy-award winning documentarian, Robert Currie, that presents a historical perspective of Head Start and Lady Bird Johnson’s involvement in both Head Start and the war on poverty. IDRA’s President, Dr. María “Cuca” Robledo Montecel, is one of those interviewed in the video.

IDRA’s Classnotes Podcast
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Below are a few Clasnotes episodes that focus on early childhood education and bilingual education. Visit the Classnotes homepage for other episodes.

A Model for Successful Reading Instruction – December 4, 2006
Early Childhood Classrooms of Excellence – April 4, 2007
Reflections from Early Childhood Institute Attendees – May 18, 2007
Good Schools for Children Learning English – June 20, 2007
Early Literacy Development for English Language Learners – April 17, 2008
Building Critical Thought through Children’s Literature – February 2, 2009
Supporting Parents of Preschoolers – May 25, 2010
Bilingual Stories for Young Learners – November 16, 2010