• IDRA Newsletter • March 2020 •

Share Information

Share fact-based information in the major languages of your community. Use the multiple communication tools available: district and school websites, fliers in student backpacks, open house events, parent-teacher conferences, district apps, automated notification system emails, print and digital newsletters, social media, video channels, etc. See some resources here:

Facilitate Access to the Online Form

Open up your computer lab or other space for school, families and community members to complete their online forms. Have someone available to answer questions and provide assistance.

Bring the Census into the Classroom

Statistics in Schools is a Census Bureau program that uses census statistics and resources to create classroom activities and materials. The activities and materials boost students’ statistical literacy, better prepare them for a data-driven world, and enhance their learning in many subjects. New SIS activities designed specifically for the 2019-20 school year spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children.

Connect with Local Census Partner Organizations

See the initiatives in your community (such as Texas Counts) and how you can play a role.

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